Thermal imaging

Detect differencies with thermal imaging

Macon’s certified thermal imager aids to lower energy consumption. We also detect wear of components and systems.

What is thermal imaging?

Instead of visible light, a thermal camera captures images and videos from electromagnetic radiation in the infrared radiation range. It detects the state of thermal radiation emitted and reflected by objects and converts this information into an image where different colors indicate temperature differences. 

Thermal cameras record infrared radiation emitted by all objects which have a temperature above absolute zero. With our camera, we can detect temperatures between – 20°C and + 650°C. 

Our thermal imaging services

  • In building inspections, we detect insulation and air leakage issues in buildings, as well as identify areas of moisture intrusion. Our imager examines the adequacy of windows, sealing tapes, and insulation for winter. 
  • Looking for different heat sources in the apartment, such as household appliances, ventilation pipes or electronics. Thermal imaging helps to plan installations in a way that doesn’t cause additional energy consumption. 
  • Measuring the operation and efficiency of pipelines and HVAC equipment, and observing the wear and heating of mechanical moving parts.
    • In automotive and aerospace industry, thermal imaging can be used to detect eg. problems in engines, tires, and other systems. A defective component may heat up, melt or burn, but it’s in an inconvenient or inconspicuous place and cannot be noticed without a thermal camera. 
    • Detecting quality defects in products, such as in the manufacturing of electronic devices. 
    • Detecting the presence of objects, people and animals in low-light or zero-light conditions, eg. haze or smoke. 
    • Measurements in various studies including medicine, material definition and process efficiency studies.

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